Zaroff shares her visions in ‘ECOrenaissance’

Long-time ECOlifestyle entrepreneur and member of the Organic Trade Association Marci Zaroff, who coined the term and pioneered the market for ECOfashion, recently released a book entitled ECOrenaissance, subtitled “A Lifestyle Guide for Co-creating a Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World.”

“No compromise; it’s not about giving anything up, it’s about getting more,” she writes, adding “If we can experience food that’s delicious, satisfying and nutritious; or fashion that is gorgeous and expressive; regenerating the health of the planet, that’s the ultimate win. It really doesn’t get better than that.”

Meanwhile, the words of her mentor and iconic friend, the late Horst Rechelbacher, founder of AVEDA, are captured in the Foreword he wrote for her before his death in 2014. Dedicating the book to him, she explains, “Horst became a guiding light in my life.”

The book, published by Simon & Schuster Atria Books and available via and Barnes & Noble, focuses on art, food, beauty, wellness, fashion and business concerning an organic and conscious lifestyle. Her aim is to provide inspiration, tips and tricks for how to live and shop in harmony with nature without foregoing style or luxury.

Zaroff is known throughout the organic fiber industry and wider world of green living. Among other accomplishments, she is the founder and CEO of MetaWear, Founder of Farm to Home and Under the Canopy, and co-founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Good Catch, and BeyondBrands. She is founding member and former chair of the Organic Trade Association’s Fiber Council. She currently serves as an officer on the OTA’s Board of Directors.

ECOrenaissance includes roundtable discussions from inspiring eco-entrepreneurs, green fashion designers, organic food purveyors and innovative leaders in the green movement. Zaroff writes about how to benefit from what she calls the current renaissance—a global rebirth of sustainable economics, progressive ethics and green culture—and to embrace sustainable living as both a celebration of style and a necessary strategy for maintaining everyday comforts despite increasingly limited resources.

As Horst writes in his Foreword, “Marci is a conduit of love and light. Like me, she’s here to serve and to help usher in the fusion of new and old, tapping the familiar voice of creative vision that threads life and humanity, one cohesive voice for the future. An ECOrenaissance.” //