We’ve come a long way but we’re just getting started

Thirty years ago when I started in the organic produce industry, it was called a trade—a cottage industry whose participants had no inkling of what it would become today. There was no formal way to cool and ship product, no salad mix, and a handful of apple varieties. We spent hours on the phone trying to get a purchase order and celebrated when we did. We waged an uphill battle to establish credibility in a market that asked for quick and easy and didn't want to know where food came from.  We were determined to overcome the obstacles of logistics and naysayers. We dug in for the long haul paving the way for today's advances.

We are not done! Look around and see what has been created, what yesterday’s hard work has established.  Today it is as important to work hard for the organic future.  While we aren’t figuring out how to cool product anymore, we are still working to overcome those who would prefer to water down our message and compromise our beliefs.

Anecdotal stories about the benefits of organic are no longer sufficient to change opinion, public policy, and legislation. Research, due diligence, and the commitment of resources make the difference.  That’s where an organic check-off program comes in.

Don't allow our mission to promote a healthier world through organic succumb to bad science, big dollars, and fast profits. Ignoring the need to establish absolutes and distancing ourselves from those who would work to dilute the message is a foothold for allowing others to dictate our future. 

Organic deserves our efforts to preserve and advance the hard work of the last half-century. Join me, because I am determined that organics deserves our continued best efforts.

Being fooled about our food is one of the best and most insidious magic acts in history.  Let's continue to educate and bring people alongside our message.  Let’s not be afraid of what it will cost us in money and effort. We're here today because we kept dialing the phone until we got through. 

The Organic Check-off just makes common sense for all of our common goals. //

By Todd Linsky, Todd Linsky Consulting | As seen in "AndNowUKnow"