Updated Canadian Organic Market Report coming soon

In 2013, COTA published its first Organic Market Report as a baseline study for the organic sector in Canada. We are excited to be working on an updated version of this report with the most recent stats on the Canadian organic market, production and acreage, consumer preferences, and organic trade flows. For a taste of what you’ll see in the report, here are some highlights:

  •  Since 2012, Canada’s organic market has grown by over 33 percent and is now the fifth largest organic market globally;
  •  The total Canadian organic market is worth CAD$4.7 billion with $3.9 billion coming in from organic food, alcohol and beverage sales.
  •  56 percent of Canadians purchase organic products weekly;
  •  Millennials are a significant part of the organic consumer market. Over 35 percent of millennials are considered ‘heavy’ buyers of organic, spending over 25 percent of their weekly food budget on organic products.
  •  There are 5,605 organic operations and 2,430,421 acres managed organically in Canada.
  •  Canada exports approximately CAD$600 million worth of organic goods.
  •  Coffee, lettuce and bananas are Canada’s top organic imports. The United States provides nearly 50 percent of all organic imports to Canada, followed by Colombia (9 percent) and Mexico (7 percent).    //