News from Canada: Parliament Hill Day & Policy Conference

COTA’s Fifth Annual Parliament Hill Day & Policy Conference took place this past October 25- 26. This two-day event brought together members from across the organic industry and Parliamentarians to discuss organic in Canada and share organic policy asks.

The Organic Reception on Parliament Hill, hosted by MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, featured Canadian organic food and drink donated by COTA members. It was a great evening to relax and network with other industry leaders and MPs. 

Learning and lobbying were on the agenda for the Policy Conference. Participants first listened to guest speakers Marie-Claire Hurteau of CFIA, Dr. Derek H. Lynch of Dalhousie University, and Tia Loftsgard and Marie-Eve Levert of COTA. Participants later split into groups to meet with various MPs. Eight MP meetings took place with Elizabeth May, Guy Lauzon, Jeremy Ghio (Staffer Minister of Agriculture), Guy Lauzon, Joyce Murray, Pierre-Luc Dusseault, Adam Baylin-Stern (Staffer Catherine McKenna), Jim Eglinski and Jean-Claude Poissant.

These gave industry members the opportunity to have their voice heard and to share the following organic policy asks:

  •  Commitment to environment and climate change
  •  Organic domestic supply policy required to incentivize growth
  •  Commitment to data and science. 

With consumer demand for organic on the rise, COTA has a continued commitment to host events that bring the sector together to ensure the industry remains strong and is equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s Parliament Hill Day & Policy Conference. //