COTA releases Canadian Organic Market Report

The Canadian organic industry has moved beyond a niche market, proliferating among the aisles of mainstream grocers, stands at local farmers’ markets and menus of diverse restaurants. Canada now ranks as the fifth largest organic market in the world, with over 5,000 certified organic operations nationwide.

Businesses, organizations and policymakers rely on data and market insights to make sound decisions and develop effective policies and programming. Consumer and market data are a key tool for understanding trends, opportunities and shortcomings within the organic sector.

In November, COTA released its 2017 Canadian Organic Market Report. This indepth publication builds on the foundation set by previous reports on the Canadian organic market, including COTA’s first National Market Report in 2013. The 2017 report provides the most up-to-date overview, combining consumer research and sales data to provide valuable insights into market size, growth trends and consumer preferences. The report is now available for purchase.

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