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ORGANIC VALLEY has rolled out six-ounce, single-serve cups of yogurt under its Grassmilk Yogurt line. This yogurt features cream-on-top whole milk yogurt made from grass-fed, non-homogenized organic Grassmilk milk, along with organic strawberries, organic wild blueberries, organic fair trade vanilla, and live probiotic cultures (


HILLSIDE CANDY, maker of GoOrganic Candies, offers a variety of certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher, allergen friendly, made in the USA assorted candies available in 3.5 oz., 30 oz. family-sized gusseted zippered pouches and in bulk. Among the latest organic hard candy offerings are assorted fruit flavors (


THE HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP INC. has expanded its BluePrint brand of ready-to-drink cold-pressed juices and juice drinks with a new line of certified organic tea-infused energy drinks. They come in three flavors—Guayusa, Matcha and yerba mate—and are sweetened with organic maple syrup (


DAABON GROUP has achieved the first-ever Fair Trade USA certification of an organic palm oil product. The product is sourced from rural, small-scale farmers in Colombia. This latest product is now marketed as Hain Celestial’s Spectrum® Organic All Vegetable Shortening made from certified organic palm oil (


PLUM ORGANICS has a new line of baby food pouches featuring a window to reveal the product’s color. The product line features six blends of ingredients of a single hue (green, orange, purple, red, yellow and white) (


PACIFIC FOODS has added two protein-packed organic soups inspired by the intricate flavors of Asian cuisine—Organic Vegetable Masala Stew and Hearty Coconut Curry. It also offers Roasted Garlic & Potato soup and a vegan Organic Tomato Basil (


CHANGE YOUR FOOD - CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ now offers its GOOD LiViN’ compilation CD album featuring original songs celebrating the joy of eating organic food—Pop, Jazz, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Blues (


ANNIE’S INC. has launched new certified organic offerings from cereal and yogurt, to soup and baking items. New cereals include Organic Berry Bunnies, Organic Cocoa Bunnies, and Organic Frosted Oat Flakes, while yogurt introductions include organic whole milk yogurt tubes. Meanwhile, the “Organic for Everybunny” marketing campaign offers such soups as Creaming Tomato and Bunny Pasta Soup and Star Pasta and Chicken Soup, as well as refrigerated dough and baking mixes (


WHOLESOME!® is introducing organic DelishFish™, an organic fish-shaped candy and the company’s first candy brand. It is sweetened with Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar, and is Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher. In addition, it has launched the first Fair Trade organic frostings made with Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic powdered sugar (


RIBUS has launched Nu-MAG™, a rice-based ingredient which takes the place of magnesium stearate and stearic acid—synthetic ingredients previously considered vital in making dietary supplements but prohibited in organic products. It is now possible to make certified dietary supplements. Nu-MAG™ is a blend of four ingredients that provide enhanced lubrication in the production of natural and organic dietary supplements (


SIMPLE MILLS has introduced both vanilla and chocolate organic frostings made with organic palm shortening, powdered sugar, coconut oil, and other organic ingredients. These dairy-free products contain about half the sugar of most frostings, and are vegan and non-GMO (


ARDENT MILLS has introduced its Simply Milled line of organic flours including whole wheat flour, bread wheat flour, all-purpose wheat flour, pasty flour and cracked wheat. Simply Milled has no enrichments, bleach or bromate. Its broad portfolio of gluten-free ancient grains is available as certified organic, offering culinary adventure and whole grain nutrition. The complete line includes amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum, teff and buckwheat, available in seed, flour, standard and custom multigrain blends (


DOLE offers organic versions of its most popular baby lettuce salad mixes and all-new organic salad kits with restaurant-inspired ingredients. The expanded Dole organic salad line consists of 11 organic salad mixes and kits—six organic salad mixes and two new restaurant-quality organic salad kits in resealable clamshell packaging, with additional 16-oz. size offerings for large families and for special occasions (   //

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