Trade association’s Board backs sweeping farm workforce reform

 Acting on a recommendation of the association’s Farmers Advisory council (FAC), the Board of Directors of the Organic Trade Association has voted unanimously for congressional action on two tracks to help farmworkers now and in the future. The trade association seeks both passage for immigration reform giving undocumented farmworkers a pathway to legal status, and action to safeguard the well-being of these workers during the current coronavirus outbreak.

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Meet our newest Board members

There are new faces on the Organic Trade Association’s Board of Directors following our annual meeting in June, latest election and Board appointments.

New to the Board are Adam Warthesen, who was elected by members, and Kellee James, chosen by the Board to fill an appointed seat. In addition, Domenic Borrelli was appointed earlier this year.

Adam Warthesen is Director of Government and Industry Affairs at CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley.

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Organic Produce Perspective: Talking with Bruce Taylor of Taylor Farms

Mike Menes is the Vice President of Food Safety & Technology for True Organic Products, and a member of Organic Trade Associations Board of Directors. He sat down with Bruce Taylor, whose company, Taylor Farms, recently acquired Earthbound Farm, to discuss values, sustainability, and Taylor’s not-so-secret wish for a drone air force. 

Mike: Can you speak to the values that power Taylor Farms?

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Organic Produce Perspectives: Talking with Jeff Huckaby of Cal Organic/Grimmway Farms

Brothers Rod and Bob Grimm founded iconic carrot brand Grimmway Farms in 1969. The company acquired Cal-Organic, a pioneering organic grower, from founder Danny Duncan in 2001. Organic Trade Association Board Member and Pioneer Emeritus of Organically Grown Company David Lively first visited Cal-Organic in 1985 when it was only a few acres, and Danny was preparing to certify 300 acres the next year. Lively recently talked organic, carrots and pride with Grimmway’s President Jeff Huckaby on the occasion of Grimmway’s 50th anniversary.

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Update on OTA Sector Councils

Farmers Advisory Council

The Organic Trade Association’s (OTA’s) Farmers Advisory Council (FAC) is growing its organizational and direct member participation. Numerous farmer organizations across the country have expressed interest in joining FAC, and OTA looks forward to working with each organization in facilitating their involvement. Similarly, as OTA continues to grow its direct farmer membership, we expect participation on FAC to develop in both its breadth and depth.

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