California advances critical legislation for organic farmers

Update from CCOF inc.

The California State Legislature passed AB 1826—the California Organic Food and Farming Act (COFFA)—with unanimous bipartisan support in response to hundreds of organic farmers, businesses, and consumers calling for critical updates to the California State Organic Program (SOP). COFFA is expected to be signed into law by October 2016.

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How can organic impact policy in 2016 and coming years?

Election years are strange beasts across the country. Must-See TV is interspersed with political ads, pollsters call during the dinner hour, and folks around the country opine on how things should happen in the Nation’s Capital. Here in Washington, the impacts of an election year are a little different. We don’t get nearly as many political ads or pollster calls (perhaps someday the District of Columbia will get full representation…), and opining on policy is our sport of choice year-round.

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An organic check-off could advance organic transition

Research—on–farm and at land-grant universities—could help solve some of the most pressing production-related issues that keep existing organic farmers from expanding and optimizing production, and pose a barrier for conventional farmers looking to convert their acreage to organic production. For this, the GRO Organic check-off proposal now before USDA could play a key role in funding research vital to addressing those issues.

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Farmers Advisory Council helps bring policy reforms for farmers

Designed to convene organic farmers from across the nation and across sectors, OTA’s Farmers Advisory Council (FAC) provides a forum for elevating the issues facing the farmers who create the foundation of the entire organic industry. This is no easy task, as the organic farming industry encompasses widely different geographic regions, crops, and political districts. However, when farmers come together, share their ideas, and advise OTA on its policy agenda, the results at a national level can be swift and profound, as illustrated by recently announced significant policy reforms in Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) crop insurance available to organic farmers.

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United States and Switzerland sign equivalency arrangement

Swiss consumers purchase more organic products per capita than any other consumer population in the world. They are the fourth largest market for organic products in the world after the United States, Canada, and the European Union and responsible for 3 percent of global purchases of organic in 2014. Now, U.S. organic farmers have streamlined access to this active market through an organic equivalency arrangement.

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“Myth-Busting Month”campaign reaches 15 million consumers

Fact: You can eat organic on a budget. Fact: Organic agriculture can help feed the planet. Fact: There are proven health benefits of organic. These are three of the more than 30 research-backed facts that OTA and partners digitally disseminated each day in September as part of its highly successful “Myth-Busting Month” social media festival.

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