On our toes

Our organic sector is facing many opportunities—and many challenges. Today’s environment demands that your trade association stays nimble and flexible—on our toes —to advance organic. Every day we have to be ready to take action to protect organic integrity and advocate for programs that ensure the progress of organic agriculture and trade.

In this edition, we’ll talk about some of the issues that excite—and concern—our Board of Directors. We will show you how The Organic Center is helping to prove the benefits of organic as reflected in healthy soils. We will share how Organic Trade Association talks with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission have resulted in the first settlement reached against false organic claims on mattresses.

Whether we are developing measures to guard against organic fraud, or advocating for clear steps to grow the organic sector through the next farm bill, or fighting for strong organic standards for animal livestock and poultry products, we are always there. The Organic Trade Association is alert and moving forward to fulfill our mission of promoting and protecting organic with a unifying voice.

We know that 2018 will require more of the same. Many challenges lie ahead for the organic sector. The ability of your trade association to keep organic standards strong and consumer confidence in organic high will depend on you, and our collective willingness to stay on our toes.


  • Defend organic standards and the integrity of organic.

  • Protect consumers and businesses from organic fraud.

  • Advance an organic platform for the 2018 Farm Bill. 

  • Take U.S. organic worldwide.

  • Correct misinformation and shape organic news coverage.

  • Bring the organic community together.

Organic businesses need to be part of the Organic Trade Association—because engagement of our members is what keeps organic strong.

We look forward to working with you in the coming days to help you get your voice heard as we set our advocacy plans, and take them to the next level.

On our toes. Protecting organic. Promoting organic. Our mission.

Laura Batcha
OTA's CEO/Executive Director